Our Story

     Prairie State Hemp is a hemp farm and cannabis supplier located in Springfield, IL. We are a close group of friends and family who combine our skillsets and passion to bring you the highest quality hemp products. We began this venture to educate the masses on the power of this amazing plant. Cannabis and hemp have the ability to heal and change the world. Our goal is to dispel the stigmas and shady business practices that this industry has came to accept as a norm. We have first-handedly watched our loved ones fall prey to big pharma and become addicted to prescription opioids. It is our mission to spread the healing powers of this plant and to educate our people with information that could change and potentially save their lives.

     The majority of our raw material was grown on our first generation farms located in southern and central Illinois. All of our plants are grown and harvested by hand using sustainable practices while adhering to industry standards. We partner with a local extraction company who produces our concentrate using food grade ethanol in order to preserve cannabinoids and yield a safe final product free from any impurities. From there we take this concentrate and craft our beloved hemp and CBD products by using over 20 years of combined experience producing cannabis goods.  By growing and processing our own material we can guarantee you will be getting the cleanest and most effective product on the market. Everything we manufacture is tested by third-party labs with results posted on our website to ensure our customers know exactly what they are getting.

       Our products can be purchased on our website, in person at our store in downtown Springfield Illinois or at our various partner stores around the state. A complete list of pickup locations and collaborations can be found on our Collaborations page.

When you do business with us you support our integrity and passion that goes into everything we produce. If you have tried or heard about us then you know our quality speaks for itself. By supporting us you help spread truth as we grow and continue to give back to the community that has already done so much for us. The Prairie State has it's ups and downs but we will continue to love this place and call it our home.

Thank you for reading and supporting.
 - Prairie State Hemp

Our Team

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Samuel Brubaker (Founder)

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Nick D (Production, Marketing)

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Hannah (Marketing)

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Devon C. (Production)


Michaela C. (Sales)

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Lady (Mascot, Guard Dog)